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Wiggi Recycle

2007-08-13 21:48:45 by oxyjen

A Wiggi ?
What the heck is a Wiggi ?You're probably wondering right about now. Well, I'm so glad you asked!

Far away on the planet Wigg, there
lives a race of friendly aliens called appropriately enough,
These stubby little creatures are not only cute as
a bug in a rug (I just want to bite and pinch
their pudgy lil' cheeks
(Clears Throat, sorry!) but they are also very advanced and smart.
They have technology we can't even imagine on earth. But they just recently
discovered the Internet, and their leader Mr. Big Wig is worried that the
citizens will get caught up and corrupted by the Internet.

Fear of all the Chesters the Molesters out there kinda thing!

So he called a meeting and it went something like this:
"Good citizens of Wigg we have a
crisis on our hands and we must get help fast".

So he sent his best Wiggi's to the
planet Earth for some Internet Basic Training from the nice, friendly
Earthlings (that's us.)
Can you help teach the Wiggies a
thing or two about safe ways to explore the wonders of the internet?

C'mon just nod your head "yes" so we can get on with it, okay?

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Wiggi Recycle

Cuisine King!!

2007-08-06 20:23:32 by oxyjen

"Cuisine King" is a cute new game that mixes together two tried and true gameplay elements- match 2( I know it's normally match 3 but in this game it's match 2 okay, just roll with it) and restaurant customer service.
Think "Diner Dash" meets "Collapse."

I know you've probably had your fill with these types of games, but trust me this one really spices things up. C'mon just take a small bite and try it, you know you wanna!

Meet Shomchay, a country boy who has big dreams of becoming the top chef in the" Grandgrand Hotel" one day. But first he must win a contest in order to fulfill his dream. That's where you come in.

Can you help him beat out 9 contenders to pass the test?

Finish your plate here

Cuisine King!!

Planet Puzzle League-DS Review

2007-08-03 09:47:46 by oxyjen

Hey, have you heard the news? "Panel de Pon" has arrived on DS!
What's "Panel de Pon" you ask? You mean you're not familiar with the game 'Panel de Pon"?
Yeah, me either.
Before we go any further I will share with you what I learned about the game- "Panel de Pon" was released in 1995 for the Super Famicom (the Japanese version of the Super NES).
It was soon released in the U.S. under the name "Tetris Attack". In Japan the game included lots of pink fairies and such. The multiple fairy characters in Panel must have been seen as too "girly" for the U.S. because they were replaced with characters from Yoshi's Island. A few years later, the game was revived on the N64 as "Pokémon Puzzle League". This time around they're calling it "Planet Puzzle League" but from what I have read it's basically the same game, new name.
No matter what title it goes by, however, this is easily hands down one of the best handheld puzzle games I have played.

At first glance this game didn't seem like much; what's so new and exciting about switching a bunch of rainbow-colored blocks around a screen anyway I said to myself. Yawn, been there done that.
But I am a die-hard puzzle fan and it had elements of Tetris and Meteos (a similar tile sliding game), two puzzlers that I love playing on my DS so I figured what the heck and picked it up. I went home and played it and guess what... magic happened! Within minutes, I was completely hooked!

The game is simple - each stage consists of blocks that need to be cleared off a field before they touch the top of the screen. You must line up 3 or more blocks in a row, horizontally or vertically to remove them.
You can only slide blocks left and right, swapping two at a time. You do this by using the stylus, and you play it holding the DS sideways like an open book instead of the usual way, but for those of you out there who are button mashers you can play using the traditional D-pad buttons.
SideNote: The developers had the good sense to blow up the size of the playing area if you're holding the DS like a book. Most games wouldn't bother.

And guess what the stylus controls actually work! They are responsive and fluid; you can drag blocks the whole way along the line in one nice clean, sweep.
New rows of blocks will keep appearing from the bottom of the screen and of course the speed will pick up the longer you play.
Bear in mind that columns are worth more points than rows, as they're a bit harder to arrange, while groups of four or more are also more valuable, and chains are like pennies from heaven. Obviously, you must avoid running out of space while building up your score.
By creating chains and combos you can temporarily "pause" the rows and continue to move blocks to create more chains. Believe me, these pauses are real lifesavers when the pace of the game gets really fast.

"Planet Puzzle League" never gets boring because there are many different modes to play. It will keep even the biggest ADD's out there happy.

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Planet Puzzle League-DS Review