Gone. But Not Forgottten

2008-01-09 20:39:15 by oxyjen

Sadly, after a mere 4 months or so of front paging my reviews, and some unwarranted resentment, some unnecessary cynical remarks, and some unbelievable bitterness; I'm done.
No, wait.... Ughhhhh... yeah, I'm done.

Why is it that some people- "haters" and you know who you are, feel it necessary to lose all human kindness, decency, and honesty all for the sole purpose of bashing a person they don't even know in order to make themselves feel more important and/or talented?

That's not to say that there haven't been some really cool people responding to my idle thoughts as well. I would like to say thanks to Cyberdevil, NegativeONE, LtMcMuffin , ZombiePimp and MindChamber. Gasp!

SideNote: Yes, MindChamber and I know each other. The horror, the scandal! Yawn.

Look, I never meant to step on anybody's toes here; I never claimed to be better than anyone else. I just like, no scratch that, love to write, that's all, plain and simple. Unfortunately, in my effort to bring "Candy Coated Goodness" to the Newgrounds community all that was left was "Bittersweet Memories". (Sorry that was so corny. But you get the point right?)

I'd like to say it's been real, but it hasn't. Let's just say it's just "been".

That being said however, this doesn't mean that I'll be gone from Newgrounds.com entirely.
I'm just merely shifting - a sort of "bowing out-ish" if you will. You can catch me hanging out amongst the Riff-Raff in the Community News section from here on out. Be sure to look for me!

I mean, come on now, folks, you didn't really think I was leaving for good now, did ya?

Now, if you'll please excuse me, all this drama and negativity has really taken me away from what I love to do most- writing.

P.S. I'll be throwing myself a farewell...umm scratch that...shifting party at the Wet Whistle Pub in Philly this Friday night if anybody's interested.

Front Page GirlieGamer Out

Gone. But Not Forgottten


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2008-01-09 21:15:25

For what it is worth, I found the "bittersweet memories" statement clever :P

It has been harder finding you now that you have been riff-raffed, but at least you have been still doing your thing. You actually influenced my purchase of Mario Party DS for my little sister on Christmas, so it was a good pick ^^

I've never seen you as a burden on Newgrounds... I have seen one or two nay-sayers complaining that you "don't do anything" for the site, but honestly you have taken full advantage of the blog system for something worthwhile, rather then complaining about the site, and not by luring people in with hentai (ignoring your Thanksgiving post hah).

Well... enjoy your new section... I'll still be checking up on it.

Oh, and I don't think anyone has thanked you for doing something worthwhile and interesting with the new blog system, so thank you for your unique contributions to Newgrounds. So... just so you know, you are appreciated ^^

oxyjen responds:

Thanks so much LtMcMuffin ! You are a sweetie!


2008-01-30 23:28:40

I still check now and then you know


2008-07-23 10:58:37

lol, nobody said anything the least bit insulting or hateful.

In fact no one said anything negative of you at all. People just pointed out something and asked about it.
The main criticism was towards MindChamber. He and I both acted like idiots back in 2007. I'm not sure if he's improved. I generally avoid his trolling posts as much as possible.