Hot Dog Bush

2007-12-17 17:18:42 by oxyjen

Have you ever wondered what President George "Dubya" Bush will be doing once he leaves the White House in 2008? Oh, just nod your head yes like a good little American even if you never gave it much thought okay! Clears Throat.
I guess the folks at 2D Play wondered as well and they decided he will be busy running a hot dog stand in the city that never sleeps - New York!

In this totally addictive, deliciously fast-paced time management game - you must help the President cook and serve up sizzling hot dogs and other food items to all kinds of customers. Start in the Bronx and move on up to Wall St. all while trying to meet the daily cash goals. Chomp down on hours of fun in 5 different locations and guess what? They've even super-sized the game with a surprise location! Are you up for the challenge my fellow Americans because Uncle George wants YOU!Clears Throat

Hot dogs, frankfurters, wieners whatever you call them, you gotta admit there's nothing more American right? SideNote: I'm from New York and we affectionately call hotdogs sold on the street "dirty water dogs."

"Hot Dog Bush" mixes the strategic, the simulation, the diner, and the tycoon all together.
It's pretty challenging, so get ready to work your buns off and have fun doing it; because in this land of opportunity all you need is a greasy sodium and nitrate-loaded food product and a dream to be successful.

Relish the experience Here!

Hot Dog Bush


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2007-12-17 17:30:27

haha, that's silly


2007-12-17 18:16:46

/sigh, Ha ha ha, make fun of Bush, everyone gives them a pat on the back. I'm getting sick and tired of the constant bashing. Don't get me wrong, the guy is a whack job but we all know it. Whats the point at this moment in time. If you don't like him then your a member of the community that has laughed at these jokes. How long are we going to harp on it? How many more times can we laugh at "Look, he's a big dumb hillbilly!" even if it is true. I don't like the guy, I voted against him, and am waiting patiently for his time to end. And I used to laugh and commend people for the jokes and what-not that took jabs at him but isn't it played out now? I mean can I still make Janet Jackson nipple jokes that people will still laugh at? You should laugh less at the fact that the Prez is a red-neck, and more at the fact that we re-elected him and he got to stay for 4 more years. And thats not his fault people. Go look and the mirror and ask who you voted for. Most of the Bush hate comes from people that never voted.


2007-12-17 19:21:03

The game is adictive but tedious and at least he isn't the boss of Canada.


2007-12-17 19:41:46

Haha, girl gamers.


2007-12-17 22:29:23

You should keep coming up with other stuff like this


2007-12-18 01:33:03

theres so many things wrong with what you said Gahaz, personally, I dont give a fuck about politics, but Im sick of bush haters like you, and Im sick of racists putting down people because of the location we are born in, so what if he was born in texas?
Congrats on turning a conversation about a nice game ugly.


2007-12-18 01:46:46

Tell me, why do you hate bush so much anyway?
Is it because he put your wimpy ass to war?
WELL DUH! They did kind of crash a freakin airplane into a building full of our citizens, of course we are going to war.
Seriously, tell me, Im curious to know just why people like you hate him sooo bad.


2007-12-18 10:48:57


Uh, I was saying I was tired of people bashing him. I personally don't like him and did not vote for him but I have no silly hate for people from Texas or any other area. I hate on an individual basis. I think you missed some of my sarcasm, or all of it for that matter. I was trying to over blow something people won't let go of, wich is flaming Bush. I'm tired of seeing it everywhere. Sorry for the miscommunication, I will take your anger in stride, and hope you hang on to any. Sarcasm is a hard thing to portray in a comment.