2007-11-29 16:13:05 by oxyjen

I went to see Beowulf in IMAX 3D recently and all I can say is holy moly! Ladies and gentlemen, I have seen the future of motion-picture entertainment... 3D motion capture!

I'm not talking about those paper 3-D glasses with the blue-and-red lenses from yester-year here folks no sir-e-bob.You're given (for keeps!) a pair of lightweight plastic glasses, and the best part is-they won't give you a killer headache.

This 3D experience is something I'll remember for a very long time; we're talking "yikes, it's coming right at me!" kinda stuff.

Visually, Beowulf is one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in quite awhile. So put on those goofy plastic glasses and ride, baby, ride! The 3-D really adds something to the experience, even though I should say that I haven't seen the 2-D version of the film but I can't imagine it having the same appeal at all.

Whatever you do, make that extra effort and find an IMAX theater and see the flick in 3D. You won't be sorry trust me.

First things first: This is not the 8th century epic poem you read in high school and that's actually a good thing for moviegoers.
Wait, what did you say? You want that Beowulf? Well, get the book, I'm not stopping you. But if you want a bloody action adventure with a side of popcorn, see the movie.

Y'know I was made to read Beowulf in high school and I gotta admit I didn't enjoy it. Maybe it was the whole forced required reading school thing. I don't know. What I do know is that I should have enjoyed it. It's an epic poem with a man fighting monsters with quite the bit of blood and guts. I was amazed when I first saw the trailers. I was suddenly excited to see some monsters get killed by Beowulf. And I wasn't let down.
It was a great animated action movie.

Want to hear more? Check out who's afraid of the big bad "wulf here!



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2007-11-29 16:18:01

sounds like a trip!


2007-11-29 16:27:21

wow, my mom said the book and play were horrible, but i haven't thought about the movie at all.


2007-11-29 16:32:58

Well, if you know the REAL story, it sucks. horribly.

Also, I'd much rather have seen a live action film than a movie that's too retarded to decide if it wants to be 3D or Real.

IMAX might have made it better but I think the movie sucked regardless.

Seriously, who the fuck shouts their name after they pop out of a fish's eye?

There is so much WRONG with the movie that by knowing the base concepts of the real story (which I have read, as required by my school), it's just horrible.

The only thing that they did right in that movie was make Beowulf look like a prick, which he is.

And Grendel is NOT supposed to look like Gollum and a Zombie had sex and produced him.

Argh! I don't feel like ranting, but long story short, it's really a horrible movie.


2007-11-29 17:32:33

The movie was extremely well done but... idk I didn't enjoyed the story one bit. I mean, I though the whole Grindel thing was just a prologue and that the movie will really begin after he kill him.

Maybe I could have enjoyed it more if I read the poems first...


2007-11-29 17:38:03


I don't mean to sound like an asshole, but why are you here? You don't seem to contribute to NG at all.

Did you join just because of the newly-introduced blogging feature?

oxyjen responds:

You don't mean to, but you do, lol.

Anyways, I've done voices for a few flashes around here as well as reviewed a bunch of NG games on my site, but you don't get Co-auth for those :( See the thing is,I love to write, but there isn't a Lit Portal. Besides I cant draw, so I might as well do what I love by writing, instead of flooding the portal with bad stick movies ^_-


2007-11-29 17:55:49

I just don't understand...

Why try to create a 3D model of an actor in the most perfect way possible.
Then letting the actor do all the scene's, and AFTER that you also have to render the 3D animation.

Its so useless.

And the fact that this movie reminds me of Shrek... kinda ruined it for me.
I've seen like the first 10 minutes, which were damn boring.

I'm not gonna give it another try.

Good that you liked it though.


2007-11-29 18:00:44

dude me and my freind went to see it. I LOVED IT GREAT ANIMATION! the sotry line was okay i wish it had like more medieviel things. but wow man the animaiton is the future!!!!


2007-11-29 18:10:20

I loved the effects.
3-D is a lot better than that spy kids 3-D crap.

I'm glad they used computer graphics because the real actor is kind of....fat


2007-11-29 18:46:34

yo, found your post through the frontpage, and i thought i'd leave somethign.

i saw it in 2d... and i'd have to say that the movie was AWESOME.

for those who think the movie was way off from the book, chew on this: think of the movie as what actually happened, like a tv recording. the book then was what was passed down as a story. the dragon would seem like a random dragon, and not the truth... (i wont spoil it).

it had GREAT effects... fire, grendel, everything... really had that kinda shine.

last note: no matter how great the whole thing was...

the ending SUCKED!!
there better be an alternate ending on the DVD. maybe he tosses the cup at her or something...


2007-11-29 18:57:18



2007-11-29 18:59:18

The best part is when the blood is falling all over the place. Made me duck.


2007-11-29 21:55:55

"Beowulf" looks a little...lame. It sounds a little like "300", that virile, senseless gorefest that had an incredibly weak plot, and was the only movie I've ever seen where they bother recording the sound every drop of blood makes as it hits the ground. Plus, my Spanish teacher (who's seen the movie, I haven't) says Beowulf fights naked. A movie that involves a muscular, sword-wielding guy beating the shit out of monsters and also happens to be ass-naked, just isn't my kind of flick. Not that I have anything against random violence, of course.
Although the 3d part does sound pretty cool. I'll have to check that out sometime.


2007-11-30 01:39:49

Beowulf was the most tasteless and pointless piece of crap of the year, though it does beat its rival from last year, the Hairspray remake, but not by much.

Let's break it down...


1: The 3D was not consistent. There were times that it looked real followed by dopey Shreck-esc characters.

2: The pointless nudity was made only more pointless due to the fact that it wasn't nudity at all. Warning: If you're a teenage boy and you want to see some tits, and I respect you if you are, you're out of luck. Beowulf is a PG13 Shreck porn extravaganza.

3. They barely kept a consistent plot. Every scene moved into a separate tangent that had nothing or little to do with the story at hand. Yes, the overall moral of the story was realized, but not before having to sit through at least 10 scenes of bored animators playing with CGI.

4. Grindel, among other characters in this movie, were completely and utterly misrepresented. They were turned into something they never were.

5. The closing scene was a time eater. You know in TV shows when they add in a really stupid joke that drags on for approximately five minutes? They do this to fill a time quota. At the end of Beowulf Hagrid from Harry Potter is staring at Grindel's mother who has just finished having ghost sex with Beowulf. They stare at each other but their facial expressions don't really change. I'm not upset that they didn't flat out tell me what was going to happen, I just think it was a total lack of emotion and had no place as an ending scene.

1 and only. They made Beowulf a total prick, like he was.


2007-11-30 17:32:34

There aren't IMAX theaters in my country...


2007-11-30 19:50:14

Why the fuck would you animate a movie, if you wanted to make it look real? Just act it out damnit. Also that movie fucking sucked.


2007-12-01 01:47:41

ok sorry. hate me if you must, but i saw the movie today and i must say i'm not a fan.

i dont see the point of going THAT far for realism when you could easily just record it with... you know... CAMERA's. nothing against nice looking 3D animation, in fact i love good ol 3D:

The FACT is that we people see PEOPLE every minute of every day, and KNOW what people act and look like. so no matter how real something may get to cinematically, it will NEVER be the real thing. the whole beowulf movie just felt 'off' and you know, surreal. i didnt like it really

not to mention the obscure yet obnoxious nudity. they were gtting to desperate to hide beowulfs crotch in that fight scene with swords and shadows, im thinkin 'whats the point!'. all it did was draw attention away from the fight to the fact that he's naked and the director's trying to hide that! lawl

anyhow, plot stunk, characters had no depth to them, everything felt fake and shallow. some nice visuals and i can definitely appreciate the effort put into it, but for some reason watching this left me with the same 'try hard' feeling i got from watching polar express. trying to mimic reality when its just not doable yet... without cameras....


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