American Gangster

2007-11-14 08:00:27 by oxyjen

I went to see "American Gangster" recently even though it looked an awful lot like some movies I've already seen before, I think they were called "The Godfather", "Good Fellas" "The Departed", "The Untouchables"... (smirk)

You know, just because something is based on a true story, doesn't necessarily make it unique or any less predictable. I mean c'mon do we really need yet another film about drug dealers?
Not especially, and definitely not one that takes 157 minutes to get where it's going.

"American Gangster" wants us to walk out of the theater thinking that this wasn't a film about heroin per se, but more about business. And I must admit besides the detail that he was a heroin dealer, Frank Lucas' career would be an ideal case study for business school. But I guess "American Entrepreneur" didn't have enough oomph.

"American Gangster" wasn't all that great and frankly it was kinda dull, Frank Lucas seems to have been a fascinating person, it would have been nice to see a great fascinating movie about him.

See if "American Gangster" was able to bring the heat here

American Gangster


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2007-11-14 11:12:24

The movie has a nice cover at least, hehe. I havn't seen it yet, and despite your warnings I probably will do sometime. ;)


2007-11-14 13:30:18

Any movie that glorifies crime is bound to be incredibly stupid. Anyone remember "The Fast and The Furious"?


2007-11-14 14:29:08

I heard one person complain about the film right after it came out, and since then it's been nothing but praise. Glad to see someone with a contrary opinion; if I go see the film, I like to know that not everyone is expecting me to just like it by default.